BRAD FORD SMITH is a visual artist and art conservator living in Dallas, Texas. Brad’s parents were accomplished freelance artists who in the late 50’s created an art studio in their home. Fueled by a seemingly endless supply of scrap paper, pencils, paint, X-Acto knives and Elmer’s glue Brad discovered an early love for experimentation. After earning his degree from The Kansas City Art Institute in painting and printmaking, Brad eventually found himself back to Dallas at his childhood home experimenting with drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture while also earning a living as a professional art conservator of historic objects.

As an artist, Brad has explored a variety of topics, from the influence of dyslexia on sight perception, to tongue and cheek pseudo-science exhibitions under the guise of the Nomadic Fungi Institute. His current focus is on drawing local spots of historic and cultural significance which have often morphed into urban detritus, such as parking lots or highway underpasses. These representational pen and ink plein air drawings include the embedded stories and are executed in Brad’s singular and witty style.

Coinciding with all his creative endeavors is Brad’s long standing practice of automatic drawing. Rendered in ink and colored pencils these painterly drawings are a diary of sorts reflecting his state of mind and obsessions. These small works are free flowing and abstract. While they don’t begin with any particular focus, by the end they have happily morphed into oddly exquisite forms that embody otherworldly structures.