No matter how awful the smell, my cats LOVE the foul stuff found inside of cat food cans. For nine years the ritual has been: they demand to be feed; I open the can; scoop out the greasy brown matter into two bowls; set the bowls on the floor; they gobble it up like fat pigs; I dutifully rinse out the cans and thrown them into the recycling ben. 
A few months ago while at a flea market, I came across a box full of homemade cookie cutters. They were made from rusty old sheets of tin with brass rivets. Exactly the sort of hand craft that gets me to thinking about how I could utilize this technique in my own artwork. 
One morning while dishing out breakfast to the beasts I was pondering cookie cutters and those tasty Christmas Tree cookies and Gingerbread Men my mother used to make. Yum.  And that's also when I received a very large nose hit of Friskies Turkey with Giblet Gravy. This clash of two distinctly different worlds sparked the beginnings of the Cat Food Garden.
The Cat Food Garden is made from recycled cans that were flattened out by driving over them with my truck. The tallest sculpture stands 18". All the sculptures are mounted to a cat food can or fish product can base that is filled with plaster of paris.